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Gift Pack #2

Oribe Tea Co.

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Gift Pack #2
Gift Pack #2
Gift Pack #2

Gift pack includes:

1. Handmade mug by artist Lisa Orr
2. 8oz Rare Hawaiian Honey- choose kiawe or lemon honey
3. Stainless steel brewing basket
4. (2) Loose leaf teas- Hibiscus Mint with Mamaki and one more of your choice!

This gift pack is perfect you or anyone in your life who is a true tea lover. Lisa Orr's pottery has a uniquely whimsical feel that brings joy to everyone who owns one of her pieces. Rare Hawaiian honey is some of the highest quality honey available in the islands and some of the rarest flavors you'll find anywhere- they are superb honeys!  Our loose leaf teas are the highest quality teas made from organic and locally sourced Hawaii grown ingredients.  Offered in a variety of flavors inspired by what grows naturally here in Hawaii

Lisa Orr is an American potter and a teacher of ceramics. Orr has work in both public and private collections, and shows her work nationally as well as internationally. Orr's work can be see in the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco and in Korea in the collection of the WOCEF. These mugs are all one of a kind, so please choose which of the (3) available mugs you would like. 

The Stainless Steel Tea Basket is the best way to brew a fresh cup of tea from our loose leaf teas. Durable and well made, this product will make you fall in love with loose leaf teas and you'll never go back to tea bags.

Rare Hawaiian Honey is a local big island company specializing in some of the rarest organic honeys anywhere in the world. These honeys have a creamy consistency which is a result of the Kiawe plants found in a 1000 acre parcel on the leeward side of the big island. Uniquely Hawaiian and unmatched in quality. Choose from their original Kiawe flavor or the Lemon- both are exceptional!

This collection comes with one bag of our popular Hibiscus Mint with Mamaki loose leaf tea and you choose (1) more of our loose leaf teas below. All our teas are handmade in small batches in Hilo, Hawaii using both organically sourced and local, Hawaii grown ingredients. Perfectly proportioned, island inspired flavors that will bring a smile to your face.

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