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LOOSE LEAF TEA Passion Black Tea

Oribe Tea Co.

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LOOSE LEAF TEA Passion Black Tea
LOOSE LEAF TEA Passion Black Tea
  • Made with 100% Organic Assam Black Tea
  • Refreshing Tropical flavor in this tea from the Passionfruit
  • Black Teas are naturally high in healthy antioxidants like polyphenols
  • A favorite unsweetened tea of our customers 
  • Reusable cotton tea bag included

Our loose leaf teas come with a reusable cotton tea bag included to make sure you don't need to gather any other utensils in order to make your favorite tea.  Hot brew or Cold brew this tea. Instructions for both are included on the back label.

This is an A grade black tea with subtle notes of tropical flavors including lilikoi and floral notes from the fragrant Osmanthus flowers. 

Sweeten to your liking, but we enjoy this tea unsweetened

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