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Mamaki Tea | Loose Leaf Tea

Oribe Tea Co.

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Mamaki Tea- 100% Organic Hawaiian Mamaki Tea. Grown on the slopes of Kilauea Volcano, this tea features an endemic Hawaiian Tea found nowhere else in the world. Naturally Caffeine Free, Mamaki Tea is delicious
Mamaki Tea Loose Leaf Package- Front
Mamaki Tea Loose Leaf Package- back
Organic Mamaki Tea from Oribe Tea Company
Mamaki Tea from Hawaii
Mamaki Tea Leaf
Tastes Like: a delicate balance between sweet grass and green tea. Mild, calming, no bitterness at all, delicious. Slightly earthy, mellow and smooth. When sweetened it has more floral notes that taste a bit like jasmine. 

  • Naturally Caffeine Free!
  • 100% Organic Mamaki Tea 
  • Grown in Hawaii
  • 0 grams sugar- Sugar Free!
  • Loose leaf tea is higher quality
  • Designed to allow you to brew a perfect cup of tea every time
  • A great choice for children or anyone watching their caffeine
  • A very unique tea you can only get from us a handful of other Hawaiian companies

100% Organic Ingredients

Ingredients: Organic Mamaki Leaf


Mamaki Tea is an extremely rare tea since it is only endemic to the Hawaiian Islands, and this is the only place in the world that it is cultivated. Naturally Caffeine free, it is a delicious, smooth tea that has no bitterness. We enjoy it both sweetened and unsweetened. Also really great as an Iced Tea on a hot summer day.

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