Customer Reviews!

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Customer Reviews!

"This is delicious and looks exactly like the pictures. It's slightly sweet, slightly floral, hint of mint, super refreshing."

-Ginger Stephens


"Very delicious tea. Hibiscus mint and Mango are 2 wonderful flavors!"

-Sally Sharik


"It's delicious! So glad I ordered. :) I'm so picky about my iced tea. This kind is a winner!"

-Erin Turo


"This tea is the real deal. All sorts of unique flavors, that ring true to island life. I absolutely adore getting this tea as a gift. This company ROCKS, they will ship the gift for you! Thanks so much for QUALITY tea! XXXO"

-David Alexander Williamson


"The best tea I have ever had. It's a great way to cool your jets on a hot day. And it's all natural."

-Jill Ernst


"Have been drinking this tea for a year now, since we moved to the Big Island of Hawaii. Love the Hibiscus Mint. The company is awesome to work with."

-Sharon Bemiller


"I received my first order a couple days ago. Made my first batch and I'm pleased to say, it's refreshing and delicious.  I made the black tea with passion fruit, I added a couple slices of orange and Bam! Thank You"

"Best tea ever! I'm so glad I found it"

-Diane Maikui


"Just received mine, and I have the Hibiscus Mint cold brewing, and I brewed a hot cup of Passion Black tea-- Delicious! Tomorrow morning I will brew the Kona Mango (hot) to wake up, and the Cold Hibiscus Mint is coming to work with me to keep me cool (I'm a chef, need cooling hydration all day)!"

-Casey Fowler-Steiman


"This tea is insanely delicious!!! I have the Hibiscus mint, ordering more!!!"

-Denise Specht


"Just got our order today! So excited to try it. It smells wonderful! Loved the personal notes on the reciept!"

-Sara Locke


"Just got my shipment yesterday and made some straightaway. Delicious, mild, tasty tea. Will definitely be ordering more."

-Janice Wilson


"Wonder teas. They taste great and wonderful customer service."

-Karen Young


"The best tea in the market. Now that summer is here any of the flavors offered brews a power packed ice tea that is the hit of any get together.  You can't find a better tea."

-Neil W


"We did some research and found Mamaki to be healthy for all kinds of ailments. Mamaki on its own is rather bland, but with the hibiscus and mint... so Ono! That's our favorite! Service is outstanding. Sometimes, I don't realize how low we are on tea bags and have to place an "emergency" order. Once I place my order, it is sent out immediately, and I receive it in a day or two later."

-Denise Miyasato


"Love the variety of teas. They are easy to make and I like the large tea bags for the cold brew! Thank you Oribe!"

-Helen Anderson


"I absolutely love the cold brew Paradise Black Tea. I used to make my tea in a tea maker then have to wait for it to cool or add a lot of ice. I love this method for perfectly ice cold tea. I love the flavors of the paradise black tea and the way it makes me feel. Last time they sent me a Kona Mango sample and I absolutely loved it. I'm going to buy it today."

-Brook Tourville-Pandey


"I received a packet of your Hibiscus Mint tea from a friend. I Loved its refreshing crisp taste and ordered a variety of tea. I really enjoy the ginger tea which seems to calm my ever irritated stomach. The mango tea is a bit weak so I will try  and brew longer next time. Ordering more as gifts for friends. Thank you 5 stars and A+"

-Gina Sarbo


"I ordered the Kona Mango tea and was not disappointed! So many mango teas have an artificial or chemical flavor, but Oribe's smells great and has a subtle mango flavor. Arrived very quickly, packaged safely and with a lovely green tea sample. Really like the reusable tea bag included- saves me from having to use disposable paper filters.  Hand signed receipt and great service help to spread Aloha :)"

-Whitney Cheung