Tea Ingredients and Health Benefits

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Tea Ingredients and Health Benefits

We offer 3 families of products on our website:

Loose Leaf Teas: These offer you the flexibility to brew your tea hot or cold. You can brew by the cup, or follow the easy instruction on the bag to cold brew a half gallon pitcher. Depending on how you brew you can make approximately 15-20 cups of tea and each package comes with a reusable tea bag.

Cold Brew Teas: Designed for ease of brewing, our giant tea bags ensure you a consistently perfect pitcher of iced tea every single time. Our cold brew process gives you the most flavorful tea possible, with no added bitterness. Each bag contains five giant tea bags, and each tea bag makes you a half gallon pitcher of tea.

Wholesale/Bulk Tea: Originally designed to provide bulk tea to Restaurants, we’ve found that many of our customers have a favorite flavor and like the idea of buying it in bulk. Each of our resealable restaurant packs contain 30 of our giant tea bags. And each tea bag makes half a gallon of delicious iced tea.

Our Tea Blends

Hibiscus Mint w/ Mamaki: One of our most refreshing flavors, you can enjoy our Hibiscus Mamaki mint, sweetened or unsweetened. Made of whole ingredients, no powders or mixes, this blend contains big island grown Mamaki tea, Red Hibiscus, and organic mint leaves. Hibiscus contains high levels of Vitamin C, and many people drink both Mamaki tea and Hibiscus tea to help reduce High Blood Pressure. Mamaki is also a great source of antioxidants. Spearmint is known to enhance respiratory health and aid in digestion. Our Hibiscus Mamaki Mint tea contains 100% Organic Ingredients. Read more about the benefits of hibiscus tea here

Ginger Lime:Soothing to drink hot or cold brewed, ginger does a great job of settling stomachs and offering unique nutrition. Gingerol is the bio-active compound found in ginger root and it has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and helps to reduce blood sugars. Baobab fruit powder is made up of powerful pre-biotics lending to healthy guts, aiding in digestion and also known to help regulate blood sugars. Our tea is made with 100% Organic Ingredients.
Baobab benefits

Kona Mango: Perfect unsweetened, our Kona Mango is a high grade black tea base mixed with real dried Kona mangoes. Smooth and refreshing, its perfect for a mid day pick me up. Black tea is high in antioxidants, and has been known for ages to aid in heart health, and has been know to help reduce the risk of heart disease. Read more about Black tea benefits here.

Passion Black Tea: High grade black tea from India is blended with a hint of real lilikoi and fragrant Osmanthus flowers. Wonderful unsweetened, it’s a tropical pick me up that’s both floral and fruity. High in antioxidants, Black tea has been known for ages to aid in heart health, and has been know to help reduce the risk of heart disease. Read more about black tea benefits here.

Green Tea: Our green tea is a blend of Organic sencha and Big Island grown green tea that’s super smooth in profile. High caffeine content provides a great pick me up while you benefit from Green tea’s abundant anti-oxidants and catechins.  Asian cultures have always enjoyed green tea, partly due to the fact that it helps promote brain health and could prevent against the damage leads to Alzheimer’s.Read more about green tea here: Green Tea Health Benefits on Web MD

Chai Turmeric: A yummy, soothing, warming cup of deliciousness. Like a Chai Latte from a retail chain, except made of real herbal components. Pure and without any powders or mixes, our Chai contains 100% organic ingredients, including locally grown Hawaiian Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Black tea, Black pepper, and Ginger.  Powerful plant medicines blended to achieve a well balanced, full flavored chai.  Turmeric’s active compound, curcumin, has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and helps to reduce inflammation. Read more about the benefits of Turmeric here: Tumeric Benefits Web MD

Mamaki Tea: Hawaii’s Endemic tea, this is the only place in the world this refreshing, caffeine free tea grows. We source 100% Organic from local farmers. This tea, enjoyed by many, is said to help reduce high blood pressure and blood sugar and contains large amounts of anti-oxidants. Read more about Mamaki Tea’s benefits here.

Juniper Linden Rosehip: A refreshing caffeine free herbal tea that relaxes and soothes. Juniper berries give this a distinct and delicious flavor balanced with a slight tart flavor from the rose hips.  Enjoy this tea both hot and cold brewed.  100% Organic Ingredients.  Juniper berries have many great benefits including aiding in digestion and insomnia, however, juniper berries are often times not recommended for women who are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant, so read up more here or talk to your doctor to decide if this tea is right for you: Organic Juniper Facts