Mango Tea- Loose Leaf Tea

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Loose Leaf Teas

Mango Tea- Loose Leaf Tea

Oribe Tea Co.

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Mango Tea- Loose Leaf Mango Tea from Oribe Tea Company. Made in Hilo, Hawaii from real Kona Mangoes. This tea is has a delicious mango flavor
Kona Mango Black Tea Loose Leaf frnt
Kona Mango Black Tea Loose Leaf back
Loose Leaf Mango Tea
Mango Iced Tea | Hawaiian Mango Tea
Mango Tea, Hot Brew in glass teapot
Mango Iced Tea | Loose Leaf Mango Tea
Mango Loose Leaf Tea | Mango Black Tea

Tastes Like: Wonderful fruity and floral black tea. The black tea gives this blend a great base note for the mango flavor and subtle floral petals to play on.  High quality Assam tea used to ensure smooth flavor and almost no bitterness.  Great hot or Iced! Add sweetener and cream for a perfect boba tea

  • Naturally Caffeinated
  • 15-20 servings per bag
  • Loose Leaf teas are higher quality than prepackaged tea bags
  • Designed so that you can brew a perfect cup of tea every time
  • A wonderful breakfast blend tea
  • Ice this tea down for a refreshing afternoon mango iced tea 
  • 2oz bag of tea

Ingredients: Assam Black Tea, Mango pieces, Marigold petals, natural flavoring

This Mango tea is our second best selling flavor. Customers love how the black tea is not too strong and and we use just the right amount of mango fruit and flower petals. Kona Mango Loose Leaf tea is delicious hot or cold and sweetened or unsweetened, so find how you enjoy it and sit back to enjoy a break from life with this delicious tea.

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