Cacao Peppermint | Loose Leaf

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Cacao Peppermint | Loose Leaf

Oribe Tea Co.

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Cacao Peppermint | Loose Leaf
Cacao Peppermint | Loose Leaf

Tastes Like: Sweet and aromatic, fresh and earthy. An early morning stroll down a cobblestone street on a crisp autumn day, wafts of fresh chocolate and herbs fill the air.  

  • Sugar Free!
  • Very light caffeine content
  • Hawaii Grown Cacao 
  • Organic Peppermint
  • Delicious and Refreshing! 

This loose leaf tea is a delicious twist on a classic favorite: Chocolate Peppermint.  When Cacao beans are roasted for chocolate making, there are shells and nibs left over that cannot be used in the process- these make exceptional tea ingredients! Imparting the undeniable chocolate flavor with no sugar or fat! Enjoy this tea as a great holiday treat or on cool fall mornings to get the whole experience.  You will be surprised by how much chocolate flavor you get from a tea! We recommend adding some sugar or sugar substitute to really bring our the most chocolate flavor! 

"So Good, and the kids love it too!"

Made in Hilo, Hawaii

Ingredients: Hawaii Grown Cacao, Organic Peppermint, Shredded Coconut, Organic Spearmint

Allergy Warning: This product contains Coconut

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