Cold Brew Tea Sampler Pack

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Cold Brew Tea Sampler Pack

Oribe Tea Co.

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Cold Brew Tea Sample Pack- Oribe Tea Iced Tea Sampler Pack
Iced Tea Sampler Pack- Cold Brew Tea bags from Oribe Tea featuring Hibiscus Tea, Ginger, Green Tea, Passion Fruit Black Tea and Mango Tea
Passion Fruit Black Tea | Passion Iced Tea
Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea | Hibiscus Iced Tea | Oribe Tea Co.
Cold brew Green Tea | Hawaiian Green Tea
Mango Iced Tea | Hawaiian Girl Iced tea | Oribe Tea Co.
Cold brew Ginger Tea | Ginger Lime Iced Tea
Cold Brew Tea Sampler Pack!

Inside you get one of each of our original (5) Cold Brew Tea flavors. Each Teabag is sealed in an individual Mylar bag to preserve flavor and freshness. This is a great way to try each flavor we have available before you buy your favorite flavors in our standard packaging. Also a great way to share some tea with friends and family.

  • Each teabag will brew one 1/2 gallon of iced tea- 2.5 gallons of tea in total.

Hibiscus Mint with Mamaki
Features endemic Mamaki Tea from the Hawaiian Islands which is organically grown in the volcanic rich soils of Kilauea.  The hibiscus flowers add a beautiful red color to this tea and nice tang. The mint is refreshing finish which helps to wash away any worries and deliver you right back to white sandy beaches in Hawaii.

Ginger Lime
A little bit spicy and a little bit tangy, our Ginger-Lime is a favorite tea in Waimea town on the Big Island.

Kona Mango
Kona Mango is a high grade black tea with chunks of kona mangos from the Big Island of Hawaii. The mango chucks add a natural sweet flavor without sugar, and for this reason, we always enjoy this tea unsweetened.

Passion Black Tea
Passion Black Tea is a traditional high grade black tea that is infused with subtle tropical notes. We enjoy this tea unsweetened over ice on a hot summer day. The flavor takes you away to tropical beach and you can almost feel your toes in the sand.

Green Tea
Grown on the slopes of Hawaii Island, our Green Tea features locally grown green tea blended with an Organic Sencha. Our cold brew process reduces almost all bitterness from the tea and allows you to enjoy a simple unsweetened pleasure.

Cold Brew Teas
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