Thermal Glass Tea Flask

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Thermal Glass Tea Flask

Oribe Tea Co.

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Glass Tea Flask with Stainless Steel filter
Glass Tea bottle with neoprene sleeve
Glass Tea Bottle with Stainless Steel parts
Thermal Glass Tea Flask | Oribe Tea Co.
Oribe Tea Co. Glass Tea Flask
Glass Tea Flask by Oribe Tea Co.
  • Thermal Glass
  • Can be used for cold brewing or for boiling water!
  • Stainless Steel top, bottom and tea strainer
  • Neoprene insulation sleeve included
  • Great for making your own favorite tea on the go
  • Use for fruit infused water too!

Made of thermal glass (Borosilicate glass) these durable tea flasks allow you to use hot or cold water to brew your teas. 22oz size is perfect to keep you hydrated throughout the day and the tea basket being on the bottom rather than on top makes it super easy to drink from without getting messy.  Stainless steel lid and base, both unscrew giving you access to thoroughly clean your flask well.  We recommend using about 2-3 tablespoons of tea in the stainless steel tea basket and cold brew for a minimum of 6 hours. Each glass tea flask comes with a neoprene sleeve to insulate your hand against hot or to help keep your beverage cold.

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