Juniper Linden Rose hip | Loose Leaf Tea

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Juniper Linden Rose hip | Loose Leaf Tea

Oribe Tea Co.

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Juniper Linden Rosehip Tea- Loose Leaf tea made from Juniper Berries, Linden Flowers, Lemongrass and Rose hips. 100% Organic Tea made in Hilo, Hawaii
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Juniper Linden Tea | Loose Leaf Juniper Linden Tea
Juniper Linden Rose hip Tea | Loose Leaf Tea by Oribe Tea Co. In Hilo, Hawaii

Tastes Like: Spruce needles after a rain shower, a walk through a juniper forest at sunset. Woodsy, earthy, slightly tart and fresh to your whole palate.  Add a bit of sugar to bring out more of a rose petal flavor. Delicious sweetened or unsweetened Naturally Caffeine Free!

  • Herbal Tea Blend
  • 15-20 Servings per bag
  • Loose Leaf Tea allows you to make the perfect cup of tea every time
  • Very unique flavor that is surprisingly delicious
  • A customer favorite!
  • 2oz bag size

100% Organic Ingredients!

Ingredients: Organic Juniper Berries, Organic Rose hips, Organic Linden, Organic Lemongrass


This is a tea that sounds intense but is actually very soothing and surprisingly delicious. It's flavor changes dramatically when sweetened vs. unsweetened and both are good in their own way. Unsweetened you get hit with this wonderful earthy, woodsy flavor of junipers or spruce with a little tang. When sweetened, wonderful floral notes take over and the tart completely disappears. The flavor morphs to rose petals covered in dew. This is a customer favorite.


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