Passion Black Tea | Ohana Pack

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Passion Black Tea | Ohana Pack

Oribe Tea Co.

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Passion Black Tea | Ohana Pack
Passion Black Tea | Ohana Pack
Passion Black Tea | Ohana Pack
Passion Black Tea | Ohana Pack

Ohana packs feature 12 large teabags that each brew a 1/2 gallon of iced tea at a time. Our traditional Cold Brew and Iced Teas feature 5 large teabags, so this is a much larger bag with more than double the amount of teabags!


Tastes Like: light floral and tropical notes dance on a strong black tea base. The cold brew method makes this tea bitter-free, so it is very delicious and easy to drink. Wonderful as is - unsweetened, or you can add some sweetener to bring out more of the tropical flavors.  Also delicious with a wedge of lemon!

  • Naturally Caffeinated
  • Contains (5) Hawaii Iced Tea bags-  each teabag brews a perfect 1/2 gallon of ice tea every time
  • Makes 2.5 Gallons in total - 40 servings!
  • This tea is used in many high end Hawaiian Restaurants
  • A wonderful tropical iced tea 
  • Gives you a natural pick me up- recommended for an afternoon boost!

Ingredients: Organic Assam Black Tea, Osmanthus Flowers, Calendula Flowers, Natural Passion Fruit Flavoring

Our Passion Fruit Black Tea is served in dozens of popular Hawaiian Restaurants as their house tea. Our tropical black tea flavor is unmatched and is delicious unsweetened or with a bit of sugar.  Also wonderful when sweetened and a little cream added as a Boba Tea. Enjoy a glass of what is served in Hawaii's most popular restaurants at home.

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